Monday, January 12, 2015

Les(baby)Bumps in the Road: Week 8, Week Hate

Tommie has some sort of situation going on right now.  Last night, she was bleeding.  It was not an alarming amount, but it definitely could not be classified as "spotting."  It was red.  Bright, lipstick red.  I called the doctor who was tending to the answering service.  For some reason, she sounded like a teenager and I wondered why a real doctor could not call us back.  She asked a dozen questions.  This validated her position as "real doctor."  Then, she deemed the bleeding as "sort of typical."  She said that 1/3 of women have bleeding in their first trimester, especially those who have never been pregnant before.

Double trouble.  It happened again today, at exactly the same time as it did yesterday.  I already called Tommie's IVF nurse and left her a message, so that we can see the doctor tomorrow.  I believe it's ultrasound time, again.  The only solace I have is reading another blog- Reciprocallove- because the same EXACT situation is happening to its writer.  I cannot deny the shitty feeling that accompanies this current baby bump in the road.  As soon as we got the phone call about the positive pregnancy, with the accompanying cheers for high HCG and "perfect" progesterone, we were happy.  It was a whole level of happiness that I had not achieved in any other time of life.  It was unprecedented.  Now, it is taking everything I have not to fall into a bleak pit of doubt.  If this doesn't work, if Eggrbyo/Sharkie/Paddlehands cannot hold on, we have very little energy and money left to build a family.

Fingers crossed that we are among the 1/3 of women who go through this and still give birth to healthy children.  I thought that actually getting pregnant would be the hardest part of this process.  


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog. I hope everything is okay. My partner also had this when she was pregnant the first time and that baby is now 8. I was so worried too, though. Hoping everything is fine.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for finding our blog. Yes, everything is OK right now. I'm glad and relieved to hear that your partner had this too. I'm just holding on by focusing on all of the positive stuff.