Friday, January 9, 2015

LesMother-to-Be: The First Ultrasound

Here it is and it has two new nicknames!



Tommie and I had an uplifting visit to the doctor, despite our troubles in actually getting there.  Our fertility doctor's office moved and we were not necessarily given accurate directions to get there.  The receptionist who told us to "go's right past our old office" meant that we should drive 10 miles past the old office to an entirely new building on the other side of town.  Tommie and I visited four other locations before we found the correct address and then we were 40 minutes late to the appointment.  Luckily, they were still able to see us and it went well.

Eggbryo, also known as "Froggie," "Sharkie," and "Paddlehands" was 1.25 cm and had a heart beat of 151 beats per minute.  We were told that it is "strong" and that our chances of miscarriage are now much lower. The doctor also said that Tommie is due August 24th, not the 25th.  Eggbryo was measuring a day ahead at 7 weeks, 4 days.  We are already proud of our little guy/gal.  Why not reach for the stars before you even have hands?  You can see that it does have arm buds and I think some leg buds too.  It also has its yolk sac in place and Tommie is producing enough hormones on her own that she does not need any further supplementation.  I feel like we are starting to make progress.  Week 8 begins on Sunday/Monday and I think it is a milestone.

Our next appointment is in two weeks and we should really see some changes by then.

Tommie is still a sick mess.  Last night, she made mouth love to a Boston creme doughnut from Dunkin' and then proceeded to bury her head in the covers, trying not to throw it all back up.  Based on her pregnancy-inspired habits, she would probably eat her own doughnut-laced vomit and just take her chances.  Cravings are still strong.  Yesterday, I was asked to get potato salad from the grocery store and today it was bagels, "plain, egg, and onion."  The whole experience is so weird and so interesting and so exciting that it is hard to get a grip on my emotions.  In response, I've started my own new eating habits to help me stabilize.  I don't think I've eaten a vegetable in a week.

I am certain I will not purchase one baby item until (maybe) month 7 but, there are a few that have really emerged as front runners on the baby shower list:

1. Baby socks that look like Vans, Converse All-Stars, Etc.

2. A bassinet that hooks right onto the side of the bed; other than the hetero-normative nature of the ad, it's genius.

3. The pregnancy pillow that Tommie actually needed before Eggbryo.

4. This.
Baby footsie coverall in neon stripe

5. And also this and anything from J-Crew's Crew Cuts.

Baby long-sleeve one-piece in contrast stripe
We are going to relax some more tonight.  Since Tommie cannot do much (or anything), we have been getting hooked on TV.  Our Amazon Fire TV has been an incredible addition to our home entertainment situation and it allows us to forget some of Tommie's misery.  We have been rocking The Americans and will get back into Homeland tonight.  In just a short time, we won't even have a minute to watch TV!  We should get in as much as we can now.  Schneider is away for the weekend, but hopefully she will catch up on her blogging while she is away.


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  2. Hi, Andie! Thank you for the response. I looked into Hypnobabies classes this morning and there are none in Connecticut or Massachusetts. I think I'm out of luck with this one, but I can consider the home study instead. I appreciate your willingness to provide me with information.