Friday, January 23, 2015

LesGetReal: Second Ultrasound

It was a miracle that Tommie did not throw up on herself, on the way to the second ultrasound.  She looked some shade of green mixed with gray; she was sort of an overcast sky.  We got to see the fetus today and it looked like a little babydoll wrapped in a blanket.  So...we decided to upgrade our nickname to exactly that- Blanket.


On the top of the ultrasound, as you can see, our doctor wrote: "Hi, Mommy.  I'm sorry you are so sick!!!!!!"  While we were viewing it, it did a bunch of flips, put its arm on its forehead like an exasperated Southern belle (Tommie's words, not mine), and moved its feet together.  The ultrasound was just about the coolest thing I have ever seen.  The doctor showed us the blood flowing through the umbilical cord.  He also viewed the two hemispheres of the brain and Blanket's tiny toes.  We caught a glimpse of its profile and then it moved away from the light.  I guess it is a little camera shy.  Its heart was beating at 161 beats per minute and it measured approxmiately 3.5cm.  It almost tripled since the last visit.  Our doctors said it is measuring at least two days ahead of schedule!  This makes perfect sense.  We know that our donor's other offspring have all been on the bigger side at birth.  He is also a sturdy guy, at 6'1" and 180lbs.

We are officially released from the fertility doctor.  We have our first appointment with the midwife on February 5th.  Tommie is almost 10 weeks (DOUBLE DIGITS, YES!!!) and I am awaiting the next hurdle- the genetic testing.  I read that it can occur sometime between 11 and 15 weeks.  I'd like to get that accomplished as soon as possible.  Since we used a donor, he was screened for a number of diseases, but that does not put us or Blanket in the clear.  And to think that I thought getting pregnant was the hardest part...

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