Monday, January 26, 2015

LesDouble Digits, Baby!

Tommie and Blanket are officially at the 10-week mark.  Our favorite pregnancy video vixen explained that the fetus is now the size of a prune and is beginning to be more active.  Tommie is having some discomfort.  I imagine Blanket going to IKEA, picking out the coolest stuff, and setting up a comfortable space for the next 7 months.


Tommie actually has a baby bump.  It's small, but it is definitely there.  We now start our countdown to the second trimester, with the bulk of our effort (and worry) dedicated to the upcoming genetic tests.  We uncovered the special "cell free DNA test" that we will request, along with the other, typical ones.  NPR offers an overview of the test and its benefits here.  Along with the next ultrasound scan and the regular bloodwork, this new test will provide us with adequate information about Blanket's genetic health.  Like so many newly pregnant couples, there is anxiety involved.  We are hoping that science and Mother Nature are on our side.  We have chosen to see a midwife, as planned.  Our next visit is February 5th.  Once we leap over this hurdle and everything is swell, we may begin to share the news with our family and friends.

To relax a bit, I have indeed started to plan some "me time."  I will travel out of state to visit one of my two most admired tattoo artists, Alexis Kovacs.  She was a finalist on the show Best Ink.  I have two AMAZING tattoos by her and I will soon get another.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I was in the planning stages of my next piece.  Strangely, and mabye due to fate, I got an email from her assistant to tell me that she had some unexpected openings.  It just seemed right.  I am looking forward to going to her shop because she previously tattooed me at a convention.  I am going to road trip it with one of my close friends.  In turn, I am fulfilling another one of my "me moments" that I outlined a couple of weeks ago.  I do feel horrible leaving Tommie in her current condition and may check to see if Schneider can look after her for the overnight visit.  Maybe I'll drop Tommie off for some babysitting.


We are super-snowed in tonight.  There are 2-3 FEET of snow expected here in Connecticut.  Tommie and I are going to curl up and watch our favorite shows while I put my hand on Little Blanket, as (s)he burrows into the warm pregnancy cave Tommie and I created with lots of our time, money, and positive vibes.  It's 10 weeks, baby.

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