Thursday, January 1, 2015

LesLoneliness: The First Trimester, So Far

It's 11:00 am.  Tommie is still sleeping.  It's sort of cute because she is a night owl insomniac most of the time.  It is also one of the reasons I started my own blog, as it gives me something productive to do while Eggbryo sucks the life out of her.  By the way, she asked me yesterday, "When are you going to stop calling it that?"  I guess it will be in the second trimester when it is technically not an Eggbryo anymore.  Here's her daily pattern: sleep, feel sick, eat voraciously, sleep, dry heave, eat enough for an entire army, sleep, have relentless nausea, REPEAT.  This actually started two days after the IVF transfer.  (It was our second try.)  Her HCG has been high-ish from the start, which accounts for this joy/misery.  At least things are working as they should be!  Like most obsessive pregnant couples, we've been comparing her HCG to that of the "average" person.


  Here's her situation.  At week 4.5, which was approximately day 36 on this chart, her HCG was 13,000.  13-fucking-thousand!  There is apparently a small chance that we will see two Eggbryos on January 7th, the date of our first ultrasound; however, it is clear from all of the murky data that each pregnant woman is very different.  We both just want a healthy little bugger that arrives in August.

Some of Tommie's food requests, which are sandwiched between hours of near-vomitation, are just bizarre. I have been asked to make white wine butter sauce (???), crab soup (????), buffalo chicken wings (!), and to simultaneously bring her a jar of pickles and an ice cream bar.  That actually happened.  She has experienced the back pain, the cold-like symptoms that will not subside, cramping, and fleeting minutes of extreme energy.  How stereotypical!

Schneider and her wife got us hooked on these What to Expect Videos, so we can have the insider's view of Eggbryo, as it drains Tommie of all of her normal daily functions.  They are quick and simple, and the female narrator is so off-putting that it makes watching them a form of cheap entertainment.  Like us, you will want to slap the grin off of her face.  I am trying not to get too excited, just in case there are any issues with the pregnancy.  While Tommie wants to start a "fake baby registry, just to see how it goes," I'm sort of pretending that it's life as usual.  I did get her the Vaccine Book she wanted, but I am hesitant to talk about names or to do any planning until...well...month 5.  That's when I think it will be real to me.  Hopefully, we get there.  


  1. We want to know what a fake baby registry is please!

  2. Hi, Schneider. I means pretending you are putting one together to see what you would ask people to buy you. I am not in favor of having a shower, but Tommie does. I guess we will have to do it.

  3. My wife and I also loved hating the woman from the What to Expect videos! Isn't she just terrible? I kind of miss her.

  4. Hi, Meg. I'm so glad to finally see someone on here! Today, the woman called the 7-week embryo "paddle hands." That's going to stick. Thanks for checking out our blog and please pass it along to friends.

    1. Hey Belle. I put you on our blog's "blogs we read" list. We're alla bout helping fellow lesbians (and others, I suppose) find helpful resources!