Saturday, January 31, 2015

LesBeing the Wife of a Pregnant Person: EXHAUSTION!

Tommie and Blanket are nearing the 11-week mark.


It seems like everything is moving along.  Tommie is still sick most of the day and cannot really do much around the house (or anything, for that matter).  I spend my days working, cleaning, cooking, buying food, cleaning, sleeping, working, blah, blah, blah.  I fill Tommie's water, get her the vitamins she needs, pick up her thyroid medication, shovel when the show comes, take out the trash, get the mail, do lots and lots of laundry...

Schneider, Jake, and the two/three of us are supposed to meet for dinner tonight, but we will have to make a last-minute decision.  I'm not sure if Tommie will be able to get up and dressed, let alone take a 30-minute car ride and sit through dinner.  I am having a little bit of cabin fever, but I am hopeful that Blanket is healthy and that everything is progressing as planned.  To pass the time, I read books and imagine myself on the beach somewhere.


Tommie has had some new cravings this week, so I usually end up going to the market or a restaurant on my way home from work each day.  I tried to get Thai food, but it ended up as a fiasco.  I have a leg inury, so I must park in a handicapped spot.  All of them were covered with mountains of snow from our recent storm.  I drove around the block for 20 minutes, waiting for a place to park.  Then, I started crying.  Finally, I double-parked and "ran in" to get the food.  It was not good.  This week Blanket/Tommie wanted bologna and mayo sandwiches on Wonder Bread (??????), Thanksgiving Dinner (wtf?), and lots of requests for pancakes.  The bologna sandwich was the only troubling item because pregnant women are not supposed to eat cold cuts.  I did find out that Tommie can have them, as long as they are heated until they are "steaming."  By the time I bought the bologna and brought it home, Tommie did not even want it anymore.


I have just discovered that Tommie and I may need to work with a lawyer to get a second parent adoption, so that I am legally Blanket's parent when (s)he arrives.  The thought of dealing with this- financially and emotionally- makes me want to vomit.  BUT, I will do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Tommie and Blanket.  Does anyone out there know the deal with this?  Here in CT, we have gay marriage; Tommie and I are married.  Do I still need a second parent adoption?  Ugh.  We have some excellent lawyer friends who specialize in LGBT family law at Freed Marcroft.  Once we get all of the genetic assessments completed on Blanket, and are assured that (s)he is healthy, it will be off to the lawyer's office for a visit.

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