Tuesday, January 6, 2015

LesCraziness: It's Only Week 7...

I am elated to find that someone other than Schneider is reading our blog!  I found a comment from a fellow lesbian baby blogger.  These small victories make life seem wonderful.  Tommie is having a super-rough day. She has a number of new pregnancy symptoms, including heart palpitations, shaking, and what she has termed "hot face" (it's just what is sounds like).  Although our trusty video vixen from the What to Expect video series and the information in our daily newsletter from the Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar reassured us that all of this is normal, I cannot help but be concerned.  It's hard to leave for work when I know that Tommie is feeling so awful.  I am also constantly worried that something is wrong with the embryo.

On a funnier note, the video vixen called the Week 7 Embryo "paddle hands" today.  At least we got a laugh. Now, I can stop calling it Eggbryo.  I also had Schneider to ease my mind and reassure me that tomorrow's ultrasound is going to go just fine.  She also invited us to dinner, but Tommie is in no condition to leave the house.  I am optimistic that we will get good news from the doctor and I will be able to post our little guy or gal's first photos in my next post.

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