Monday, January 5, 2015

LesCuisine, Part II: Goodbye, Sushi Mondays

We have renamed Mondays, "Sushi Mondays."  We reward ourselves for a day back at work by eating sushi and relaxing at one of our standby restaurants, Oriental Cafe.  Sushi Mondays are a thing of the past.  I should have known when I received this text from Tommie while I was at work.  My plan was to pick up sushi and bring it home for a cute dinner date.  Silly, silly me.  When Tommie ordered a dragon roll with cooked eel, it should have sounded an alarm bell for me.  Even when people are not pregnant, that can be a questionable choice.    


So, I delivered, as any wife of a pregnant lesbian would.  I picked up a Whopper at Burger King and then grabbed our to-go bag from the sushi restaurant.  I called Tommie on the way home and she requested that I put the Whopper on my heated front seat to "keep it warm."  I rushed home and we spread our food loot on the table, with the exception of the Whopper, which Tommie obsessively put in the microwave (with it off) to "keep it warm."  She obviously had some inclination how this meal was going to turn out.  She took two bites of the dragon roll and proceeded to regurgitate it into a napkin.  That was it.  She went to lie down and ate the Whopper 30 minutes later.

In a jiffy, she was sleeping again by 7 pm.  Wednesday cannot come too soon, and neither can tomorrow. It's the start of week 7.  On Wednesday, I get a glimpse at this tiny tadpole that is turning my Tommie into a monster of her own.  I mean, a sweet, sweet, and lovely little monster of her own.

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