Saturday, January 3, 2015

LezBeHonest, Schneider here...

My counterpart has done a remarkable job of giving an introduction to how a same sex couple struggles with the idea of fertility within our own identity.  I have noticed that there is quite a continuum in terms of how same sex couples decide how and what their family will look like.  Some women are very comfortable carrying a child, while other lesbian women want nothing to do with it.  Some couples want to adopt, some have to adopt... while other couples have no intention of having children.  As you see from the above statements, we are not that different from heterosexual couples in terms of wanting a family.  It is all a matter of how we go about creating one.  Nothing is a one size fits all in life... most of all, relationships.  For my wife and I, we knew that we wanted children.  However, knowing when it was, "time," and coming to the decision of starting a family was a process that people should take their time in doing.

Once my wife and I decided to start a family we looked for resources that we could relate to.  However, it was hard to find some.  This is one of the reasons why LesBaby was created.  So let's start back at the beginning so you have an idea of who my wife and I are. My wife and I had a hard enough time planning our wedding at first because there are countless resources for heterosexual couples.  However, when it comes to same sex couples the resources out there didn't really fit the mold for us. We had to create our, "norm," and what felt right for us.  For our purposes, I'm going to call my wife Jake in this blog. 

Jake and I met online through a dating website, TangoWire.  I was turning 23 and Jake was 26.  I don't think the website even exists any longer!  Jake winked at me and I couldn't help wink back.  She had me at, "wink."  She was sexy, well educated, funny and remarkably witty.  I was also her, "rebound."  I guess the whole rebound theory isn't true.... Although she had no idea, within the first few months of dating I knew that I was going to marry her.  After 7 years together, last April we were married in a beautiful ceremony.   We BOTH wore white gowns, had our make up and hair done and sported hot purple heels.  The 8 years leading up to marriage could easily be a new blog,

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